Serving North Albany CAP Site Beginning October 4, 2021

CAP currently has enough staff to operate only one service location.  Taking into consideration a multitude of factors including licenses to operate, enrollment numbers, etc., CAP has combined two site locations, i.e., Oak Grove and North Albany CAP sites, into one single service location at North Albany CAP.

Staffing Shortage and Expanded Reopening Update

We anticipate opening a second single service area, again by merging two more site locations and repeating the process until all elementary schools are receiving child care opportunities.  Once all 14 elementary schools are being served at merged-site locations, CAP will continue to expand by separating those merged locations into single service CAP sites.

As soon as we have secured enough staff to open a second location, announcements and information will be sent via email blast and posted on our CAP website and Facebook page.

Opening a combined single site location at North Albany CAP has allowed us to care for the largest number of children possible under these staffing-shortage circumstances.  We are deeply sympathetic to the hardships parents and families are facing in meeting their child care needs.  We desperately wish to be your solution—now.  Families will not be billed until services begin at their CAP site locations.  We sincerely hope you will continue to hang in there with us as we reopen over a slow and steady course.

Please, we ask for your continued assistance in helping to spread the word that CAP is hiring.  Job postings can be found below.  We sincerely appreciate your extraordinary patience as we continue to recruit, hire, and onboard additional CAP staff during this season of unprecedented staffing-shortages.



Aide 1, Teacher, Site Supervisor






Our Mission

“Provide safe, structured, quality and affordable care for elementary age children.”

State Certified Child Care

CAP is licensed by the Oregon Office of Child Care (OCC). This yearly process includes fire and sanitation inspections, and onsite visits by OCC to ensure state guidelines are being met throughout the program. Staff qualifications and training requirements are monitored through this same yearly certification process.

Tax ID Numbers
Federal: 93-0979294
State: 0401596-0

What does CAP Offer?

For Children:

  • Nutritious snacks, approved by the United States Dept. of Agriculture
  • Safe, clean and comfortable setting
  • Entertaining, educational activities
  • STEAM curriculum, games, crafts and outdoor play
  • Caring and supportive staff guidance
  • Homework assistance and Reading Club

For Parents:

  • Affordable, quality childcare
  • Convenient locations
  • Trained, professional staff
  • Supportive environment
  • Age-appropriate programming
  • Consistent communication between parents and school

Site Locations/Times

In partnership with the Greater Albany Public School District, CAP enrollment consists of hundreds of children ages 5 to 12 years at multiple public school site locations. Please see Locations for current operating sites. We offer childcare before school starting at 6:45am and after school until 6:00pm.  CAP offers full-day care at selected sites on vacation days, in-service days, winter, spring and summer breaks.

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